Patrick Serowka is recognized as an aggressive advocate for injured workers in Illinois. He has achieved notable victories at the Arbitration, Commission, Circuit, Appellate and Supreme Courts. During the course of his career, Patrick has secured over $30 million on behalf of injured workers.
Call him to speak at your next union meeting to give members practical tips they can use to protect themselves in the event of a work injury.

Clients’ remark that Patrick:

•Aggressively and quickly resolves issues of weekly pay;
•Personally keeps client’s informed of the “next step” in their case to lessen anxiety about the process;
•Will not allow insurance companies to play games with your benefits and;
•Has the trial experience and work ethic that separates him from the competition.

Focused on the Fire Service

He specializes in cases affecting Firefighters including those with knee and back injuries, pre-existing orthopedic injuries, respiratory disease, Cancer and other occupational exposures. Further, in matters affecting loss of career he is experienced in drafting settlements, which protect lifetime pension benefits while maximizing the recovery under the worker’s compensation act.